It’s been a while

I had a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations between Sept. 22, 2012, and Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I raced in the inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe. Thanks to you, we reached both of those goals. I am now officially an Ironman, and we raised $11,052!

So… what’s next?

It’s been a while

My last posts to this blog were of my Ironman Lake Tahoe race recaps: Prologue, Swim, Bike, Run, and Epilogue. Darn  near 4 months ago.

Then the Tri-ing for a Challenge blog went silent. In fact, social media adventures for me in general took a turn during this period.

It wasn’t due to the post-event letdown we all inevitably experience after such an extended, intense period of buildup. Anybody who’s ever built up to a big life event like a half marathon, marathon, triathlon, fund raiser, big work activity, college graduation, wedding, and the list goes on and on… you know what I mean. You are singularly focused on one thing, it comes and goes, and you’re left with a “that was great! But now what!?” hole to fill.

OK, that may have been a part of the reason why I’ve gone silent here, but isn’t the main reason. And, unfortunately, I won’t go into great detail in a public forum what the REAL reason is… let’s just say I’ve decided to make some major changes in my life and am going about making those happen.

I’m packing up my belongings and the fur kids, and making a move back to the Pacific NW. To be close to family and friends. To get back to the area of country I love. To simplify my life, kind of… as I’ll still keep my current job, which means I’ll be coming back down to Los Angeles quite regularly. Happiness every day is the goal, and I’m certain I’ll be successful in that next quest.

Race season kicks off for me, in theory, this weekend with the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach. I had designs on setting down a sub-3 hour marathon and qualifying for Boston! But the bigger goal is temporarily in the way: selling a house and preparing for a move are time consuming and exhausting… so I’ll make the decision to run, or not, as the day itself nears. Training for this race has been scattered, and I’m certain I could finish in a respectable time… but at what cost?

In just a few short months triathlon season kicks off. Ironman 70.3 St George in May, Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens in August, Ironman 70.3 Silverman in October. If the adjustment to the Portland area and regular business travel go well and St George training is solid, I might actually go completely nuts and add on Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June. I have a really solid base to build from on last year, and I’m still able to go out on extended runs and throw down a killer pace – the swim and bike are lagging behind right now, but there’s time to get those back in line. Plus I’m certain to add many races to the calendar in the Pacific NW…

2014 is a year filled with a whole new, exciting set of challenges that will unfold as the year progresses. I was extremely excited to complete my last challenge – fundraising and Ironman Lake Tahoe – but am even more excited to tackle my new set of far less targeted challenges; the prize for accomplishing these successfully will be far greater than the rewards the last time around. Everyday happiness. I’m not asking for too much, am I?

Cheers to 2014!

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