The Day After

I HAD a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I RACED in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Thanks to you, we’ve reached both of those goals – currently at $11,052 raised! You can help us wind down this fundraising effort by chipping in a few bucks to one of our deserving charities here! PLUS, you might just win a really cool prize! What!? Prize, you ask!? Up through Monday, Sept. 23, at 11:59pm we have our last fundraising push taking place! Details can be found right here.

The Day After

I’ll work on a thorough race report over the next day or two – so many things happened in the hours leading up to the big event and during the 140.6 miles of the race… so very many things. And I need to capture it all before it fades away (too many knocks to the head recently!)

We’re on our way back from the thin air right now. Destination: the comforts of sea level at home in Redondo Beach. As Lauren drives home, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all so very much for the overwhelming support (I’m still sorting through all the messages!). I am incredibly humbled by and extremely thankful for all the positive, congratulatory, well-wishing, encouraging notes.

I am also EXTREMELY thankful and appreciative for you all pushing us not just past the $10,000 fundraising mark… but all the way up to $11,000. Yes, over $11,000 was raised for some truly fantastic organizations. The standing ovation goes out to y’all for that!

So, the race is over. I am tired. Also quite sore, mostly from the crash, but the race gave me more than just a few aches and pains, too. Don’t worry, I’ll write all about it very soon…

Notice the changes to my standard blog post header? Kind of nice to write about the goals in the past tense… and I honestly have no clue what’s next. But you can rest assured that there will be something else to follow. Any suggestions?

Finally, and most importantly, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU! You all played a huge role in making this past 365 days a smashing success.

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