10 days: My handsome conehead

I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Thanks to you, we’ve reached that goal – currently at $10,007! You can help us push beyond the target by chipping in a few bucks to one of our deserving charities here! Plus, there is one last little fundraising push left between now and race day… stay tuned!

My Handsome Conehead

Most of you know that I absolutely dote on my awesome puppy friend, Theo. This is how he usually looks:

Theo is one handsome, smiling, lounging type of dude.

Theo is one handsome, smiling, lounging type of dude.

But for the past 5 weeks he has looked more like this:

Theo really knows how to rock the cone, even with an ailing eye. That smile shows you can never really break his spirits.

Theo really knows how to rock the cone, even with an ailing eye. That smile shows you can never really break his spirits.

He’s been battling an eye ulcer for a while. We noticed something looked kind of wonky with his right eye after he and I returned to SoCal from my annual summertime sojourn home to the Pacific NW in July. We monitored it for about a week… and it wasn’t getting any better. It was just a little puffy, nothing that got us too terribly excited. (Note: his eye looks puffier now due to the eye drop treatments)

When we arrived at the vet they immediately recognized the issue: corneal ulcer. He probably scratched his eye fiddling around in the backyard, or playing with Nicky and Gabby… who knows… so we started him on a course of antibiotic eye drops. A week passed with very little progress, so we added in another drop in the hopes it would help.

During week 2 of The Cone Phase we had an incident… on the very morning we were set to fly out to Chicago (with an added trip to Cleveland) to celebrate our 10th anniversary and Lauren’s parent’s 50th, I accidentally cut Theo while snipping a mat of his fur out from the cone. So, we rushed him down to the vet to have staples installed. I felt HORRIBLE… because I cut my bestest bestie, and then right after we get home from the emergency vet visit we had to leave him behind at home doped up on pains meds (his auntie Alicia wouldn’t be there for another several hours) while we caught our flight. I was one worried pet papa… but it all worked out fine in the end. He cut healed up nicely, the staples were removed two weeks ago.

Weeks 2 and 3 of the treatment still showed little signs of progress… so we kicked the antibiotic eye drops up a notch in the hopes something stronger would work. During weeks 4 and 5 it appeared as though he was making improvements… but we aren’t the experts.

His check-in trip to the vet today confirmed it: his eye is mending nicely. Finally! He still needs two more weeks of the cone – he is used to it by now… but it is wearing on us. He knows how to use the cone to his advantage. If he wants our attention, a quick knock of the cone to the back of our legs. If he wants to stop somewhere during a walk, he’ll purposely lodge the edge of the cone somewhere. Diabolical mastermind, that handsome puppy guy.

Theo is resting after his visit to the vet today - he is getting better!

Theo is resting after his visit to the vet today – he is getting better!

We’ll be taking him up to Lake Tahoe with us for race week. Partially to keep an eye on him, partially because I want my puppy guy to be there when I’m done with that whole Ironman business – I will be physically and emotionally sapped, so I will need all the core members of the support team there (Theo, Papa Jeff, Suzanne, and Lauren). He is going to love it, as forecasts are calling for nighttime temperatures to dip down around freezing! He FINALLY gets to put that thick coat of his to good use!

And, hopefully, his checkup after we get back will free him of the cone! That should bring a smile to his face!

Theo is sure one happy guy... though when I get too stressed out he gets a bit bummed out... he has been bummed out lately.

And I know you’re familiar with this look on his face! I can’t wait to see him smiling like this again… without the cone on his head!

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