16 days: One mission accomplished

I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Just over two weeks from now! Join our cause by chipping in a few bucks to one of our deserving charities here!

One Mission Accomplished

349 days ago I sat in front of my computer and typed out my two big goals for the next 365 days:

  1. Compete in Ironman Lake Tahoe. All 140.6 miles of racing goodness… at altitude.
  2. Raise $10,000 for charity. And I was going to need your help to do this.

With two weeks to go until race day, one of these goals has officially been reached. Since the air horn signalling the start of the Ironman race hasn’t yet sounded, this statement can mean only one thing: the fundraising goal has been met.

The official tally on the Tri-ing for a Challenge fundraising page on Crowdrise as of this morning: $10,007.

I am sincerely grateful for and humbled by the generosity, kindness, and pure awesomeness of so many of you that helped make reaching this goal possible.

What got us here? A lot of things… some fundraising challenges that worked pretty well, and some others that didn’t work so well… all valuable lessons.

  • Remember the LIVESTRONG Day challenge? That raised over $800!
  • Sponsoring a Ragnar Northwest Passage team worked out well. Over $4,000 was raised by that effort. My Ragnar friends are AWESOME, and continue to surprise and amaze me!
  • A HUGELY fun and successful party hosted by Papa Jeff and Suzanne in July. Along with the accompanying silent auction, we raised a bunch of money for charity!
  • Just this last weekend, Lauren and I hosted a party at our house – the final big fundraising push – and it helped bump us super duper close to the target. So many really cool people joined in on the celebration, raised $$ for the cause, and helped me ring in 40 years. It was a super fun night.

There was training. And racing. There were injuries, a bicycle crash, LASIK surgery, fancy dinners, 10 year wedding anniversary, 40 year birthday, and so many other things that have happened over this past year.

As this year winds down over the next couple of weeks, I am sure you’ll indulge me a bit as I get a bit contemplative and reflective… training is pretty much done for the race as I enter the pre-race taper phase, and I feel ready (some scrapes and bruises from the recent crash… but I’m ready). I’ll spend at least a couple of posts over the next several days reflecting on the year… and hope to find some ways to stretch us beyond the $10,007 raised so far.

Excuse  me a moment as a wipe away a tear of gratitude. And joy. So much joy. YOU ALL helped make reaching this first goal a reality – THANK YOU.




Look at how happy you made Theo! Well, this is how he would look if he didn’t have the cone on his head right now… THANK YOU!!!!!

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