86 days: Our first big event!

I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Only 86 days away! Raised so far: $6,357! Want to increase this total? Chip in a few bucks to one of our causes here, or participate in one of our upcoming fundraising events.

In honor of recently reaching the 100 days to go milestone, I kicked off a new fundraising challenge! Every day for the last 100 days before Ironman Lake Tahoe, I’ll be picking out a motivational winner that earns $5 to the TFAC cause of their choice. Lots of winners so far – the first series of deposits have been made! How do you win? Go find out the details here.

Our First Big Event!

Every July for the past 4 or 5 years I’ve made the drive from LAX to PDX to visit family and friends. From my front door in Redondo Beach, CA, to the front door of Papa Jeff and Suzanne’s house in Vancouver, WA, is almost exactly 1,000 miles. Not counting stops for gas/restroom, it takes only 9 roads the entire time. 4 getting out of my neighborhood; Interstate 405; Interstate 5; and 3 in their neighborhood.

Most years I am able to fit in a couple of races, including triathlons in the Columbia River (sprints), Blue Lake (sprint and Olympic), and Lake Stevens (70.3). Last year I added the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage to the mix. This year I am focused solely on Ragnar for this trip.

While home we will be holding a GIANT fundraiser! Mark it on your calendars! More details and formal invites are on their way, but this event will be held in Vancouver, WA, on Sunday July 21!

Festivities will include wine and beer tasting and education sessions, some fantastic food, fun and games, and some really cool silent auction items! Silent auction items are still being compiled, but so far we have: bike, swim, and run specialty packs; a high-end Pinot Noir gift bag; super-duper high-end Cabernet Sauvignon gift bag… and tons more in the works! Plus, I will probably be bringing along my super cool buddy, the 65lb orange ball of fury fluffball you all know as THEO!


Look at that face! Don’t you want to come drink some wine and beer, eat some good food, and hang out with him!?

ADDED BONUS! For those who cannot attend, the silent auction will be held online! If you can’t be there but would like to help out, you can bid from whatever remote knothole of the world you happen to be chilling out in at that moment. But it would super cool if you could be there!

Suggested donations for this event will run just $20/person, with ALL proceeds going straight to the Tri-ing for a Challenge fundraising cause. There will be opportunities for you to donate at the event… but you’ll want to take advantage of making a direct online donation to our Crowdrise site (tax stuff for which you get the benefit!).

More details will be on their way soon! I just wanted you all to be in on the ground floor of this way cool, super fun, wicked awesome experience! Remember! Mark it down on your calendars!

SUNDAY. JULY 21. Vancouver, WA.

Be there! And if you can’t, BID BID BID on the silent auction items!

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