90 days: This is only a test

I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Only 90 days away! Raised so far: $6,297! Want to increase this total? Chip in a few bucks to one of our causes here, or participate in one of our upcoming fundraising events.

In honor of recently reaching the 100 days to go milestone, I kicked off a new fundraising challenge! Every day for the last 100 days before Ironman Lake Tahoe, I’ll be picking out a motivational winner that earns $5 to the TFAC cause of their choice. Lots of winners so far – I’ll begin the first set of deposits later this week. How do you win? Go find out the details here.

This is Only a Test

There are certain things that I’ve learned in life. Avoid taking my stepmom Suzanne on the Los Angeles freeways at all cost. And don’t tell her or Lauren about harrowing incidents from my training sessions.

This post is a test of that latter concept – I’ll know when this blog post is encountered because I will get that note imploring me to be careful out there (with lots of worried exclamation points).

I am certain that the number of hours I spend on the roads running and biking probably won’t surprise you. Many, many hours. Almost all of those hours are spent on the roads of Los Angeles. Fortunately, we live in Redondo Beach, so most of these hours are logged on the relatively sedate roads of the South Bay area – a far more relaxed and less strenuous pace than nearly everywhere else in LA County.

In fact, our area is something of a cycling mecca. ‘The Strand’ stretches for endless miles along the ocean – on the weekends it is crowded with walkers/runners/lollygagging beachgoers, but on the weekdays and off hours it is often wide open. Palos Verdes Peninsula (PV) is a network of roads with wide shoulders and/or bike lanes, criss-crossed with hills of all sorts. My standard run loop is along The Strand; my standard bike loops are all on PV.

By and large, cyclists coexist quite peacefully with motorists where I do the bulk of my riding.

But occasionally there is the supreme chucklehead. I ran across one of those on Saturday.

I was out for an easy ride for an hour, making up for the workout I missed on Friday. I didn’t want to gas myself too hard, with a 50+ mile ride planned for Sunday, so I stuck to the flat roads leading to Palos Verdes… There are some busy arterials that direction, but traffic was fairly light and cars were doing a great job of giving me space. Right up until some lady came whizzing by on an open road (only one other car was within 100 yards of her), with her window down, yelling something at me, and brushing my arm with her car at full speed. I yelled a few choice expletives at her and began the chase. For the next 4 consecutive stop lights I came within a few car lengths of catching her, my cell phone in hand, ready to take a picture of her and her license plate… alas, every time I got close she would do her best to avoid me and take off full blast down the road.

Moral of the story – all it takes is one idiot.

Moral of the story 2 – don’t make me mad when I’m on the Rocket Bike, as it won’t be easy to get away from me when you do that. More often than not you will end up a publicly berated idiot.

Monday Training Check-In

I’m on the way back from that little calf strain… how did the week of training go? Remember, I’m doing weekly updates of my training progress to stay honest with the “Commit” part of my TFAC process.

I’ve had to adjust the training plan a bit this past week to reduce the running volume, so I’m changing up the format a bit – I’ll only show what I actually accomplished. (Don’t worry – I surpassed my swim & bike goals for the week!)

Monday: 1800m in the pool.
This is usually a rest day, but I had to make up for a missed swim over the weekend.

Tuesday: 2 mile easy run @ 6:55/mile on the track.
This was supposed to be a 6 mile run, but the calf was still tender so I needed to take it VERY easy… and so I did!

Wednesday: 1700m swim (with 12x50m intervals) and 15.2 mile tempo bike.
Just another day… of intervals… in paradise…

Thursday: Unscheduled rest day
I was scheduled to run 6 miles with 10x400m intervals – a brutal day – but the calf was certainly not up for this… so I took an impromptu rest day, that I think paid huge dividends.

Friday: 1300m swim (with 5x150m intervals)
Was supposed to be 1700m swim and an easy 50 min ride, but I ran out of time… I have makeup work to do this weekend!

Saturday: 16.3 mile bike, 5.1 mile run
Made up for my missed bike ride from the prior day… and the calf FINALLY felt good enough to test it out for a brick run! I was scheduled to do 11 miles, but kept it at 5 so as to not overdue it… and still kept it dialed in to a very comfortable, easy 6:45/mile pace.

Sunday: 1.5 mile swim, 56.3 mile ride
Made up the meters I missed on Friday’s swim… and got in a really hard ride up to the Malibu Pier and back – very stressful ride in the wind and with traffic… but I won’t go into details about that, since I already described one harrowing cycling story too many in this post.

Totals: 99.4 total miles for the week, about 8,000 calories burned.
Swim: 4.5 miles @ 26:12/mile. I still need to get faster here… but it’s coming around.
Bike: 87.8 miles @ 19mph average. Not bad, but I did a lot of riding flats… need to get in more hills! Plus I need to work on my in-ride fueling… I nearly bonked on Sunday.
Run: 7.1 miles @ 6:50/mile. The calf is back! I will be kicking up the miles (and pace) this week!

Be safe out there!

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  1. Suzanne Oram says:

    Stop chasing cars Jeffrey.

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