100 days: Daily $5 challenge

I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Under 15 weeks away! Raised so far: $5,997! Want to increase this total? Chip in a few bucks to one of our causes here, or participate in one of our upcoming fundraising events.

Suzanne and Tawnya are on the march! Follow along as they trek the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, “The Way of St James” – a 500 mile pilgrimage starting in southern France and across northern Spain. Can you believe it’s been over four weeks since they departed for their journey and they have less than one week of walking left!? They have posted several interesting updates to their blog – fascinating reading!

Note before the post begins

Before I begin this post, some tragic news was brought to my attention last night. During the Redondo Beach Triathlon last Sunday (race report is here), I noticed a slew of first response vehicles near the swim exit from the water – the run and bike legs both pass right by there twice each. At the time I didn’t know what had happened (swim issue? bike crash?), but the response was obviously strong, and had me worried that something had happened. One of the things I absolutely love about triathletes: we cheer for our competitors and always wish them well. If we’ve raced together, though we may have never met, I consider you to be my friend. Michael Giardino, we’d never met, but I consider you my friend. May your family be strong in their time of grief. Michael collapsed exiting the water after completing the swim leg of the race, and later passed away from causes yet to be released. The story can be found in one of the local papers, Easy Reader, at the following link. The quote from this story that rings true down to my core, by his son Andrew:

“The world is a darker place without [my father’s] bright smile. Me, my sister, my brother-in-law, and many others will be in next year’s race. We will all finish in my father’s honor, or die trying.”

You can be certain that I’ll be there to race with you, and to cheer you all on as you cross the finish line in his memory.

Daily $5 Challenge

On that somber note… I have 100 days until my really big triathlon, my first 140.6: Ironman Lake Tahoe. I’ve been stewing for a while on how to celebrate this milestone… and realized that it only makes sense to raise some $$ for charity!

But what makes this fundraising effort different is that I’m not asking you to donate at all. Not one penny. I’ll be the one giving away the cash this time. If you want to help out, I’d be glad to have you join me… and I’ll explain how it’s all going to happen.

Motivation. Some days you wake up and are ready to take over the world; other days you want to unplug the alarm clock and curl back up in bed for another 24 hours and wait until the next day to face the world. What makes these two days different from each other? Motivation.

Training for something like an Ironman or a marathon, or even your first triathlon, 5K, or 20-mile bike ride can be daunting. There will be struggles with motivation along the way. It is natural – but what differentiates you from those who don’t succeed, or even try, is that you find a way to scrape together that motivation on those blah days… that little kick to get you out the door and working toward that lofty goal.

Yes, I do struggle with motivation at times. But I head out the door each day to take on the training challenge I’ve set for myself. What motivates me? Lots of things.Wanting to succeed at Ironman Lake Tahoe. Not wanting to let down all of those who’ve contributed to our cause. The constant encouragement from friends, family, and absolute strangers. A random post on Facebook. Many days it is simply being able to cross that day of training off my training plan as complete, so I can go home and have a cold beer (no beverage until I’m done with the day’s mileage!).

So, for the next 100 days between now and race day (Sept. 22, 2013):

  1. Each day I will select a post that I find the most motivating for the day. This can be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, text message, skywriting… you don’t have to tag me, but if you want to really, really make sure I see it you might want to. In case you don’t know, my info: Facebook (personal), Facebook (Tri-ing for a Challenge), Twitter, Instagram
  2. If your post is selected, I will repost it and name you the daily winner of the motivational prize. How will you know? I’ll use the hashtag #youmotivatedmeTFAC and tag you.
  3. What do you win? I’ll donate $5 to the Tri-ing for a Challenge Crowdrise effort to the charity of your choice. If you are taking part in a fundraising challenge, I’ll even make sure to donate it to your fundraising effort (so you get the credit for the fundraising!)
  4. All I ask is that if a post that I select and repost – if it is yours or by somebody else – particularly motivates you or speaks to your heart, please consider adding to my donation. I’ll let you know each day the charity that the winner has selected.
  5. I’ll keep track of the daily motivational winners and make these contributions in aggregate on Crowdrise every few weeks.
  6. Yes, there will even be days when I choose something motivational that you didn’t even intend to submit to this contest. I suspect many of the winners will be of this type. Bonus for you! You just earned some money for charity simply by being awesome! Heck, I can even guarantee there will be several winners who didn’t even know this challenge existed; nothing wrong with a little accidental motivation!

So… the challenge starts right now! This is a marathon (well, actually an Ironman), so don’t go too nutso out of the gate. But I am seriously and sincerely looking forward to that extra little shot of daily motivation. And hopefully we’ll motivate each other, and some innocent bystanders, along the way.

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