149 days: FUNdraising

I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Just shy of 5 months away! Raised so far: $5,002! Want to increase this total? Chip in a few bucks to one of our causes here, or find out how you can get involved by pinging me on Facebook or by dropping me a note.

Reminder: There are now just 8 days remaining to double your donation to a couple of great causes. Until May 4 I’ve pledged up to $500 to match donations through our cause made to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington & Alaska and to the American Heart Association. Follow the link, donate, I’ll match it. This is particularly important right now as little Kyle continues his heroic fight. (Update: matching funds have now pretty much been depleted… but keep on giving, as I’ve found a way to kick it up to $750!)


Just a quick update on the Tri-ing for a Challenge activities on this beautiful Friday afternoon (at least here in Redondo Beach, and hopefully where you are!)

  1. Save the date for July 21, 2013. I am headed up to ye olde Pacific NW to race in Ragnar Northwest Passage with a group of amazingly awesome and ridiculously fun friends… after I’m done with that, we’ll be hosting a wine (and beer?) tasting fundraiser in the Vancouver, WA, area. More details to follow in the upcoming weeks, but it is going to be a blast. Food, beverages, some silent auction items – with remote bidding on some things should you be unable to attend. Seriously, go mark it down: July 21.
  2. Ummm… you’ve all seen the video about the famed ‘honey badger’, right? Tenacious. Vicious. Doesn’t give a $#!+. NO FEAR. Our Ragnar team ‘Pain Now, Beer Later’ has merged with a bunch of ‘Honey Badgers’. And, let me tell you now, they live up to their name. Some of these fearless athletes are on a fundraising spree right now. It is kind of scary to watch, as they are persistent. And tenacious. And AWESOME! Go check out their fundraising pages, choose the honey badger you want to help to victory, and donate! Shannon, Jessica, Shannon, Marie – they are on a roll!
  3. After my test weekend and redemption test day, I think I went a bit too far. Thursday afternoon I hit the wall – head/chest cold, fever, fatigue. A solid sleep, the rare bit of meds (I took an Advil), and Friday was back to mostly normal. Tomorrow will be even better. 8 days until Ironman 70.3 St George, and it will happen. Certainly not an age group podium (I am still undertrained), likely not a 70.3 World Championship slot (couldn’t run it this year, anyway, as it is too close to Ironman Tahoe), but I expect a respectable time on par with Napa 70.3 from last year.
  4. Of the $500 I’ve pledged in matching funds to the RHMC and AHA, only $210 remains! Do you want your contribution doubled!? Step on up, don’t be shy, follow the links (RMHC and AHA) to contribute on or before May 4 and it shall be done. (UPDATE: only $10 in matching funds remain… but I think I can find a way to kick this matching up from $500 to $750… and… done!)
  5. Don’t worry SoCal peeps! I have a few FUNdraisers for down here, too! We have a wine tasting event coming up in May (date TBD) that will not only benefit our cause, but some other worthwhile organizations, too! There are some fundraising dinners in the works, and some other great events that will take place this summer. It will be FUN!

Update: I will be racing with one of my fundraising heroes and blogging idols in St George! I am really, really, really hoping to meet and get a picture with none other than Elden “Fat Cyclist” Nelson! Go check out the wonderful things he has done for so long, and continues to do, at his supremely fantastic site: http://www.fatcyclist.com/

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