253 days: Getting the band back together

I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Over three and a half months in and so far we are a bit ahead of schedule. Raised so far: $3,365!

Back when this whole Tri-ing for a Challenge thing started (way back in September 2012! So young and innocent back then…) I offered up THE PLAN. And while introducing this plan I offered up my first long-term challenge: join the Ragnar team.

Now is the time to join that team.

Team photo of our 2012 Ragnar Northwest Passage relay team. Suzanne ran the last leg in a tutu.

Team photo of our 2012 Ragnar Northwest Passage relay team: “Pain Now… Beer Later!”

Do you want to know what you’d be getting yourself into? How does this sound:

  • You will be on a team of 12 people that will run a combined total of 200 miles from Blaine, WA right at the U.S. – Canadian border all the way down to Whidbey Island (a ferry ride north of Seattle).
  • You will be crammed into a minivan with 5 other people for about 30 hours.
  • You will smell of sweat, dirt, stale Cheetos, and ripe feet.
  • You will run 2 to 10 miles as hard as you can in sunshine, wind, rain, darkness. Over steep hills. Along endless miles of long, flat, boring straight stretches. Along the ocean. Along cliff edges. Over perilous bridges. Then jump into a van. And do it all over again two more times.
  • You will slumber in a sleeping bag on crowded, hard gymnasium floors in the middle of the night. Or in the middle of the day. You won’t know… and you won’t care.
  • You will shower in high school locker rooms with normal-height shower heads… at 3am. You will shower in middle school locker rooms with munchkin height shower heads… at 4pm.
  • Your Saturday morning breakfast will consist of powered eggs. A bacon-like substance. Hockey pucks labeled as pancakes doused in a sweet liquid they like to call syrup. Maybe even a splash of some orange or black liquid they have labeled as OJ and coffee – but they taste the exact same. You will pay $6 for this privilege… and savor every delectable bite.
  • You will sing taunting chants to competing runners in chicken suits at 2am as you crawl by in your menacing minivan covered in party favors.
  • And you will have one of the most enjoyable times in your life.

Yes, seriously, all of this and more happened with our Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage team in 2012.

So, how can you get in on the fun? What are the details? How much will this cost? I know! Your mind is just swimming with questions… hold on for a second and all will be explained.

Race Overview

  1. The Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage starts very early in the morning on Friday July 19 and finishes sometime during the day on Saturday July 20.
  2. There are 2 vans – 6 people per van. You will run one leg, hand off the slap bracelet “baton” to the next runner… until it cycles back to your turn again… repeat.
  3. Van 1 will contain the runners for legs 1 – 6. When leg 6 is done there will be a school nearby where Van 1 can sleep, refuel, and clean up while Van 2 is out on the course. When legs 7 – 12 are done, Van 2 gets its turn to rest up. Repeat twice.
  4. Yes. You will run in the middle of the night. And it will both be a very cool, surreal experience… and ridiculously scary. Leg 21 – only 2.7 miles and flat – is the most difficult nighttime leg of all because it is super duper spooky! Christie will not be assigned this leg again!
  5. At the finish line there will be a giant party. Pizza. Beer. Bratwurst. Plentiful amounts of each.

Join in on the fun

  1. If you want to join in on the fun, let’s chat. Drop me an e-mail, ping me on Facebook, give me a call, write me a letter… you get the idea.
  2. I will cover the following costs for the race: registration, van rental, van fuel, reflective vests, safety lights, coolers filled with ice, Discovery Passes for the vans. This works out to a cost of about $200/person.
  3. Instead of paying me directly, all I ask is that you set up a page on Crowdrise and raise $250 before Sept. 22, 2013. Details are on my fundraising page. It is super easy to get set up… and with a little creativity you’ll have your $250 in no time at all! (see the story, below, on how Brian has raised $740 already!)
  4. You will need to bring the following: pillow, sleeping bag, towel, toiletries, your running gear, non-running gear, food/beverages (note: no alcohol is allowed on the course). Most important of all: you must bring along your adventurous spirit – you’re going to need it!

Yes, you read that correctly. In order to participate you do not need to pay me anything. Commit to raising $250 on Crowdrise by Sept. 22, 2013, for one of my 5 charities (HerShe, ASPCA, LIVESTRONG, Sarcoma Foundation, and St Jude) and you are on board. Follow the instructions on my Fundraising page and you will be all set up and ready to rock!

Right now there are 6 people on our team “Pain Now… Beer Later!”. A few more have expressed interest… If you want in, let me know ASAP! If there is enough interest, I might even consider sponsoring a second team!

You will have one of the most extraordinary experiences in your life. With all proceeds going toward charity. Plus you and your fundraising contributors get tax deductions. The definition of a win-win situation!

An example of how to do this: Brian P.

Brian is one of our Ragnar buddies that we met last year. I say this with nothing but respect: this dude is nuts. Seriously. Last November I introduced you all to how we met Brian and what he was up to: running a New Years Eve marathon. He was doing it kamikaze style. About 5 weeks of training… all while trying to raise $500 for HerShe. If the $500 target was met, he would contribute an additional $500 out of his own pocket toward homeless causes in his community.

Brian at mile 1 of the Yukon Do It Marathon. Everybody smiles at mile 1!

So Brian trained in the rain and snow. He set up a Crowdrise page and started raising funds. He blogged about the process. He raced the Yukon Do It Marathon like a champion. And in the process he raised $740 for HerShe and St Jude. Plus an additional $500 he contributed in his community. All in the span of a little over one month.

That. Is. AWESOME.

Tri-ing for a Challenge is on Facebook! Like us! We like you…

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