300 days: Thankful for …

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Over two months in and so far we are on track. Raised so far: $1,410!

I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. My wife, family, pets, a cool job, good health… this list could continue on for quite some time. I’ll stop here for now, otherwise Lauren will be yelling at me again to “get to the point and stop rambling!”

For this Tri-ing for a Challenge effort there are a lot of folks for whom I am particularly thankful:

Those who have accepted a challenge. Our friend Suzanne is going to run the Napa Valley Marathon with me in March. My cousin Paul is tackling his first triathlon in June, the Issaquah Triathlon. And in just over a month our friend Brian will be tackling a New Years Eve morning marathon, the Yukon Do It Marathon. Plus all of our Ragnarians running in Ragnar Northwest Passage this July – we are going to have SO! MUCH! FUN! We are still looking for crazy people willing to run with us…

Fundraising pages for these challenge warriors: Brian, Suzanne, Paul, and the overall TFAC effort.

There is yet another challenge I’ll explain after the holidays. A partnership is brewing regarding a challenge that was undertaken before this blog and fundraising challenge began, but will be in concert with our goals… it is ridiculously cool… and it is so amazing that I won’t spoil it now… but stay tuned because it might just blow your mind… Your introduction to this challenge will get its own series of blog posts after the holidays to describe what it is, who is doing it, and what it’s all about. I’ve already said way too much… but you will be impressed. I know I am!

Those who have donated toward this TFAC effort. The list of extremely generous benefactors is getting long, and I hope to see it grow. And I personally want to shake each and every one of your hands. Heck, I might even give you a hug! (Don’t fear the hug, embrace it!) So far we have raised $1,410 toward the $10,000 goal!

Those who will be hosting and attending fundraising events and activities over the next 300 days. Lauren, Papa Jeff & Suzanne, and others are already working on some really cool ideas! Starting early next year there will be wine tasting events, a fishing adventure, and a whole slew of other really fun activities – the proceeds of each will benefit the TFAC effort. As the holiday fatigue fades, we’ll roll these out… and have a blast! Los Angeles, San Francisco & Napa, Portland, Seattle, Cleveland, and other cities will be the sites… and I hope we can add more!

Everybody who follows the blog, shares it with their friends, shares the Facebook posts, and otherwise spreads the news and provides encouragement. Ironman and marathon training is difficult. Raising funds for these really great organizations (HerShe, LIVESTRONG, ASPCA, SFA, and others) is difficult. It is your support, your help, and you holding me accountable that have kept this effort moving forward.

See? I am thankful for a whole bunch of things right now. With respect to Tri-ing for a Challenge, I am certainly thankful for the people that are doing some really cool and extraordinary things to help make this effort grow. I am in awe of the challenges that some of you have taken on. I look forward to introducing you to some other challenges that have yet to be unveiled. And I am particularly looking forward to personally thanking each and every one of you in 300 days for playing a huge role in accomplishing the Challenge!

Alright, back to normal business. The Monday rundown as part of my Commit portion of the TFAC plan:

Monday: 3 mile recovery run
Done: 2.8 miles @ 6:28/mile. I got a little carried away… not much recovering took place in this run.

Tuesday: 4 x hill intervals (1/4 plus mile uphill sprint, recover downhill, repeat)
Done:  3.1 miles @ 6:41/mile. All hills.

Wednesday: 3 mile run
Done: 3.0 miles @ 6:18/mile. This run was fast… and fun!

Thursday: 35 minute tempo run (start very slow, build up to very fast, decrease to slow)
Done: 5.0 miles @ 6:41/mile. Turkey day run along the beach. Beautiful day!

Friday: REST DAY. Early morning flight to Dallas.

Saturday: 6 miles at race pace. Target marathon race pace is 6:30/mile.
Done: 6.1 miles @ 6:34/mile. In the very chilly Dallas morning air.

Sunday: 13 miles – a long, slow distance training run.
Done: 13.6 miles @ 6:55/mile. Woke up in Dallas at 1am PST to catch a flight. Home by 9:45am. Running by 10:15am.

Grand total: 33.6 miles out of a planned 32 miles at an average pace of 6:42/mile with 4,518 calories burned (according to my Garmin data downloaded into SportTracks). A little sore and tired, but things are going great!

This next week: One more buildup week with a planned total of 35 miles, capped off with a 14-mile Sunday run. The weekday runs won’t be bad… but the weekend will be a grinder.

Tri-ing for a Challenge is on Facebook! Like us! We like you…

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