307 days: Crowdrising

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Over one month in and so far we are on track. Raised so far: $1,025!

Holy poop!

Yep! I said that! And I’ll say it again.

Holy poop!

A Ragnarian is stepping up. Big time. And throwing down a gauntlet. A HUGE gauntlet. After the New Year I am going to push y’all to fill out the Ragnar team and will be doing an entire series about our Ragnar experience last year and a preview of the different legs in the race. It is difficult. But ridiculously fun.

I am going to jump the gun a bit here, however. You remember Suzanne and her awesome story, right? She put together our Ragnar Northwest Passage team last year… and our list of planned participants was hit bad by the injury bug.

So Brian stepped in. His wife was already on a team… of ladies – with much sadness he was unable to join that team. Really wanting to run, Brian was looking for a team… and Suzanne was looking for a runner. So he joined our team. He joined our van. And it was glorious. He was a beast out there on the course. A stallion. And in the van he was hilarious. Our random teammate, and he was AWESOME. And I am so glad to have met him.

And he is coming back. Round 2. He is on board for our return trip. And he is going nuts. He is on a kamikaze fundraiser! While you will be in bed on New Years Eve morning resting up to party like a rockstar later that night, he will be running a marathon. A FREAKING NEW YEARS EVE MARATHON! 26.2 miles! In the Pacific NW cold and rain! Better yet, this marathon, the Yukon Do It Marathon, benefits the South Kitsap Helpling Food Bank. PLUS he is jumping on board to raise $500 for HerShe… and offer up matching donations!

In summary: Brian is running 26.2 miles in what will likely be icky weather. To benefit a food bank. While raising funds for HerShe. PLUS he is matching donations!

Wicked, wicked awesome! I’m on board. 100% on board. Go check out Brian’s Crowdrise page. Then donate. Seriously – this is the time.

I also have some more really cool news. But that will have to wait until the next post…

The Monday rundown as part of my Commit portion of the TFAC plan:

Monday: 3 mile recovery run
Done: 3.0 miles @ 6:51/mile

Tuesday: 4 x 800m intervals (warm up, go 1/2 mile VERY fast, jog 1/4 mile… repeat 4 times or until you puke)
Done: 3.4 miles @ 6:25/mile (and no vomit)

Wednesday: 3 mile run
Done: Nada. Remember the Attack part of TFAC? Real life got in the way… and we had a blast! Don’t worry, I got my heart rate up – by going in circles in a race car. You can see the pics here.

Thursday: 30 minute tempo run (start slow, build up to very fast, then slow back down)
Done: 4.6 miles @ 6:36/mile

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: 6 miles at race pace (planned race pace is 6:30/mile)
Done: 6 miles @ 6:34/mile on a surprisingly hilly course along the beach bluffs

Sunday: 8 miles at slow pace
Done: 8.1 miles @ 7:15/mile on an even more hilly course. And it was glorious.

Grand total: 25.1 miles out of a planned 27 miles. At a 6:48/mile average. And 3,410 calories burned.

This next week the training kicks back up: 32 miles. Half marathon training run on Sunday… plus a wedding in Dallas. Yeehaw!

Tri-ing for a Challenge is on Facebook! Like us! We like you…

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2 Responses to 307 days: Crowdrising

  1. Lauren Duda says:

    Thanks Brian! The young women of HerShe Group will truly appreciate your great efforts here!

  2. Brian says:

    I’m so glad to be able to help Lauren. It sounds like such a great group and I admire you for all of your efforts. This also prompted me to bring my running blog back to life so I have a place to share as well. Check it out the link.

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