317 days: No more mo

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Over one month in and so far we are on track. Raised so far: $1,025!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It has been several days since the last Tri-ing for a Challenge blog post. 4 days to be exact.

I could claim I was letting the posts from last week and the associated challenge continue to marinate. But that would be a fib. A little white lie. And I do not tell lies. Well, not very often…

Was work crushing me? No, not really.

Did the election results make me particularly happy/sad/glad/mad? I did have a strong response to the election results, but that wasn’t it. (don’t worry, I won’t be making any political statements here, with the next sentence or two being the one exception). Editorial comment: The rejection of California’s Proposition 37 really disappointed me (labeling of foods that contain genetically modified products) – on the plus side, Lauren and I go to great lengths to support companies and buy products that are produced organically using sustainable methods. Passing this measure would have just made it a little easier for us…

Was I sick? No, not really. I felt a bit under the weather on Thursday, but it passed quickly.

Tired from ramping up marathon training? Again… nope.

So, what the H-E-double hockey sticks kept me away from typing blather onto my computer screen and releasing it onto the interwebs? I have two theories:

  1. The change back to standard time caused depression – go to work in the dark, come home in the dark. And nobody wants a depressed Jeff writing blog posts…
  2. All of my energy was being sapped by my horrible attempt to celebrate Movember. Yep, mustache growing is both a physically draining and SOUL DRAINING experience for me.

The more I think about it… I can say with certainty it was the latter rationale.

A little history with the ‘stache in my inner circle. I’m surrounded by a couple of really awesome guys with even more AWESOME and EPIC mustaches.

Papa Jeff (shown here with Count Blacula) has an epic ‘stache

Lauren’s father, Larry, also has a very nice collection of hair on his upper lip. He also really likes pie.

B-I-L John has double-epicness going on. Epic ‘stache. Epic channeling of Ditka. And, obviously, he likes lobster… but he likes BACON even more. And tartar sauce.

So, surrounded by so much mustachioed excellence, you can assuredly understand the pressure that I feel when Movember rolls around.

For those unfamiliar with Movember, the quick story: it started about a decade ago in Australia as a way to raise awareness and funding to combat prostate cancer and other male cancer initiates. How? Grow out the mustache – known as a “mo” in Australian slang. Over the past few years it has caught on here in the good ol’ USofA.

The last few years I have participated in the Movember cause. Raised a few bucks for charity. Raised a fair amount of awareness, too.

In general, I am not a big fan of shaving – I usually shave my face once a week (and my legs 2 or 3 times a week, but that is a story for a different day). So, this Movember started off like any normal month. Splotchy facial hair started to grow.

After a couple days of growth, the splotchy beard looks something like this…

This was followed by an intermediate goatee while the mo filled in a bit. It wasn’t quite yet ready to stand up on its own.

I like goatees. They just don’t happen to like me all that much…

And, finally, my pathetic mo standing on its own…

I gave the mo a couple of days to stand on its own merits. I even went so far as to channel Adam Morrison a bit – Zags “fear the ‘stache” legend!

So… there you have it. If you set aside the amount of energy I had left after the daily 4-hour work commute, dealing with the growing work stress, and logging the miles for marathon training, it was all consumed by the disaster of a facial hair mess growing on my face.

So I shaved it tonight. And, suddenly, I have a renewed sense of energy.

First stop: write a blog post about it.

And it gave me an excuse to post this photo of Papa Jeff:

Papa Jeff, and his epic ‘stache, showing off birthday presents from me for the past two years: birthday gnome 2011, and birthday hats (pirate and captain’s) 2012.

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