327 days: Misty eyed every time

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013 – the day I run in Ironman Lake Tahoe. Over one month in and so far we are on track. Raised so far: $925.

Ragnar team members, others who have accepted a race sponsorship challenge, and those that are hosting an event, I’ve set up a page to describe how to get started. Go check it out: fundraising.

Yesterday I challenged you. To challenge me. So I could challenge you. Which will challenge me… we can go on like that all day… in order to stop the vicious cycle go check out the challenge. By Nov. 9th I want my race calendar filled with red circles around certain dates. Tomorrow I start throwing out personal challenges. I will begin calling you out by name. Prepare yourself, brother, you are first.

There are many things that I do/don’t do or say/don’t say that frustrate the holy living poo out of my wife, Lauren.

One of the most frustrating of these things: real-life things don’t often phase me. See something funny in real life I might chuckle, but I rarely guffaw. See something sad in real life I may become solemn, but I rarely shed a tear.

But I’m a sucker for non-real-life, or real-life as seen through the lens of a camera. I will raucously cheer for my sports teams on the television – in person I tend to be more subdued. Action sequences in a movie have me on the edge of my seat – but witness them in real life the most you’ll elicit from me is a curt, “Oh, cool.” And, I must admit, it is not uncommon to see me weeping openly at a sad moment in a movie – but almost NEVER in real life.

There are, of course, a few exceptions. After a really difficult race that has left me both physically and emotionally depleted I have been known to cry like a little kid that’s had his cookie stolen (not to be confused with my temper tantrum reaction to stress). But I can count the number of times this has happened on one hand.

Now that you are armed with these bits of information, it probably makes complete sense why I watched big swaths of the Ironman World Championships on TV this past weekend with giant tears of joy and pain in my eyes. And why I watched a certain commercial EVERY SINGLE TIME it came on the screen. And why this commercial sent a giant chill down my spine and filled me with tears EVERY SINGLE TIME that I saw it. And it still has that effect on me right now.

Yep. I’m a big baby. And in for one helluva ride 327 days from now. And you can be certain I’ll be a crying mess when that adventure is all over.

Hey! Want to make me weep before that date? Go challenge me! Throw down a gauntlet at my feet… before I come throw one down at yours!

Tri-ing for a Challenge is on Facebook! Like us! We like you…

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