333 days: Guest post #1 recap. Wasn’t that AWESOME?!

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013. One month in and so far we are on track. Raised so far: $925.

Yesterday’s guest blog post was awesome! A HUGE thanks to Suzanne for sharing her story!!!

Another work thing is taking my time this week. I was in front of my computer yesterday at 7:45am, and after a very full day finally carved out some time after 10pm to start writing the post for today – before getting back to work into the wee hours again. During the day I made time to do the basic human functions (eat, drink coffee, etc.) and make very brief jumps over to social media to make sure you all knew about Suzanne’s really great story.

As I was sitting there in the late afternoon hours, staring at yet another bunch of work things I needed to complete, I realized a couple of things:

  • I really didn’t have the time to go work out today. Heck, I barely had time to squeeze in a shower and brush my teeth.
  • After reading a story like Suzanne’s… that first bullet really has no merit.

I didn’t have time to go for a 3-hour bike ride today. No time to pack up the swim gear, drive to the gym, and hit the pool for a quick 1/2 or 3/4 mile of laps. BUT I did make the time to strap on some running shoes and knock out a quick late afternoon run.

And I am so thankful I did. To quote Suzanne’s words from yesterday’s post:

I have never been sorry I ran after the run though.

And that about sums it up. I had no time, but I forced myself out the door. And knocked out 2.5 miles of rolling terrain at a 6:22 pretty fast pace. It took less than half an hour out of my ridiculously busy day… and it almost killed me to have to stop that run because it felt so good. I could have easily gone 10 miles at that point without slowing down the pace one bit.

But I wouldn’t have forced myself out the front door in the first place if I didn’t have Suzanne’s story staring me in the face, whispering in my ear, “Jeff, you are a hypocrite if you don’t do SOMETHING today.”

And I guarantee you that I did not feel sorry after the run.

Tomorrow is a recap the week of recaps and guest posts, and tie up a couple of loose ends… or hanging chads, since it is election season, after all. Does it feel like I’m stalling a bit? Perhaps… do you feel it in the air? Yep… seems to me like it’s about time for another challenge. Prepare yourself… it lands next week!

BUT… before we go. A couple of quick facts about yesterday’s guest blog post:

  • In one day it was the third-ranked post all-time in this blog in the number of views. In one day. One view short of second place (and tied for second most viewed as of 12:10am this morning). Update: as of this morning it is rapidly approaching #1!
  • Yesterday was the second heaviest in terms of daily traffic for this blog. One view short of the most heavily trafficked day (when I unleashed the plan).
  • Anybody playing Super Mario Bros. yesterday on an original old school Nintendo NES inexplicably was awarded a 2-up and a kiss from Princess Toadstool. (Note: This report is unconfirmed)
  • If Santa’s sleigh from the movie Elf ran on “inspiration and motivation” generated from yesterday’s blog post instead of “Christmas spirit”, I am certain he wouldn’t have crash landed in Central Park and there wouldn’t have been a need for a Christmas miracle (Note: This report has been confirmed)
  • Yeah. I think that post was motivating. Thanks, Suzanne. You ROCK!

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