348 days: Stress UN-Management

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013. And squeeze in some training for Ironman Lake Tahoe (and other events).

Ragnar Northwest Passage registration is open. Four commitments are in, 8 more to go… If I get 2 more commitments I will register the team. I’ll post more specific details on Friday on what all this means…

Tri-ing for a Challenge is now on Facebook! Like us! We like you…

On Sunday morning I participated in the Hermosa Beach “Day at the Beach” Triathlon. I’ll work up a race report for Wednesday. This race was an interesting, somewhat unique experience for me…

Yesterday I talked a little about cookies. And stress. More importantly, how I become a 2-year old when I get stressed out. Cookies then follow, of course. Unfortunately, my body still rejects cookies. Well, except for those really crazy thin ones you can get at Trader Joe’s. Which stresses me out. Vicious, vicious cycle.

I had planned on writing a post today illustrating a couple of my “episodes”; representative samples of me acting like I have regressed to my “terrible two’s”.

Lo and behold, right on cue, work stress has seized the day. I’ve been forced to retreat to my home office to get caught up on a myriad of pressing tasks. There is hope that once that crush of activity is over, however, I will be afforded ample time to catch back up on the little things… like talking about this stress stuff, writing race reports, and logging in some good training miles.

Some of y’all have sent some very interesting stress-related stories. Keep ’em flowing in. Tell me the good, the bad, the ugly. Vent. Let it off your chest. I’ll edit. Try to find some humor. And then we’ll play a game. Remember, post your stress story in the comments section on this blog, drop me an e-mail, or tell me on Facebook on my page or on the Tri-ing for a Challenge page.

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