352 days: Real Life

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013. And squeeze in some training for Ironman Lake Tahoe (and other events).

Ragnar Northwest Passage registration is open. Four commitments are in, 8 more to go… If I get 2 more commitments I will register the team. Elizabeth, my SIL-to-be, is on the squad! It is $100/person for registration that I will cover, and I think I might have some sponsors for vans, so if you raise the 2.5x (or 4x) donation request it pretty much pays for itself! See the plan for more information, and I’ll be posting more details very soon about the race training and logistics, and how to get your Crowdrise set up, linked in, and get your funds raised.

Tri-ing for a Challenge is now on Facebook!

Sometimes real life gets in the way. Yeah, I know, believe it or not I do a wee bit more than train for triathlons, write blog posts, raise money for charity, and write Facebook posts. I usually remember to eat. Sometimes sleep. And I have a demanding, often stressful (but really super cool) job.

And this translated directly into a late and under-promoted blog post yesterday. If you missed it, go check it out. Why? I let you know how we did on our first challenge!

Next week we’ll spend a bit more time on the training and “life skills” aspect of this journey as I do my best to keep this whole work/life/athlete balance in check. When it is going well, it is great. When it doesn’t go so well, it is very very VERY un-great.

In that spirit of “balance”, I will step away from the keyboard for the weekend. And most weekends in the future. It is better for me that way. And better for you.

I have a race on Sunday morning, the “Day at the Beach” sprint triathlon in Hermosa Beach, CA. This was the very first multi-sport race that I competed in all the way back in 2009. Weird to think I’ve been doing this triathlon thing for only 3 years! I am certain this race will be better than that one… my first open water swim, and I was HORRIBLE at it… I crashed my bike really hard coming into T2 (a spectacular flip over the handlebars with the bike cartwheeling after me) and separated my shoulder… I continued on to the run and finished the race. In severe pain. Lots of blood and road rash. Immobile arm. And, get this, I was immediately hooked on the sport!

The great part about this race is that I get to wake up in the morning, strap on my helmet, buckle on the transition backpack, jump on my race bike, and ride down to the start line. It is only 2 miles from my front door.

The bad part: real life got in the way. This last week – no, the last 2 months – have been less than stellar for training. I don’t expect great results. There will be no podium for me this weekend. And sometimes I just need to be OK with that.

Good luck on your weekend challenges. Embrace them. Conquer them. And when you have given it your very best, regardless of the result, you’ll know you’ve won.

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