353 days: Challenge 1 Results

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013. And squeeze in some training for Ironman Lake Tahoe (and other events).

Ragnar Northwest Passage registration is open. Four commitments are in, 8 more to go… If I get 2 more commitments I will register the team. Elizabeth, my SIL-to-be, is on the squad! It is $100/person for registration that I will cover, and I think I might have some sponsors for vans, so if you raise the 2.5x (or 4x) donation request it pretty much pays for itself! See the plan for more information, and I’ll be posting more details very soon about the race training and logistics, and how to get your Crowdrise set up, linked in, and get your funds raised.

Tri-ing for a Challenge is now on Facebook!

The first challenge is done. Complete. Il est fini. We celebrated LIVESTRONG Day and many of you took me up on my challenge. The results are in! I had $500 of my own money on the line… did we get there?

1. Donation Matching

I’ll match all donations through my Crowdrise page, dollar for dollar. 2 for 1 for LIVESTRONG donations.

$100 was donated on the Crowdrise page! I’m going 2 for 1 on them, so I am chipping in an additional $200.

2. LIVESTRONG (or yellow) pics

Post a pic to Facebook (or e-mail it to me) wearing LIVESTRONG gear or a bracelet. Or lots of yellow. Or ANY yellow. Tag me or the “Tri-ing for a Challenge” page in the post and say that you’re wearing it to celebrate LIVESTRONG Day. I will donate $10 to LIVESTRONG.

The pictures came in from far and wide. Your smiling happy mugs on Facebook. In my e-mail inbox. Via text message. Oh, glorious pictures! So much yellow! Gnomes with LIVESTRONG bracelet headbands. Yellow labs playing tug of war. Yellow workout gear. Yellow being sported at your office. Babies in yellow. Proud parents in yellow. LIVESTRONG socks and yellow ties. A total of 19 such pictures = $190!

3. LIVESTRONG Day workouts

Go work out or train extra hard in honor of LIVESTRONG Day. Post about it on Facebook (or e-mail to me). Tag me (or the Tri-ing for a Challenge page) in the post and say that you biked/ran/swam/elliptical trained/lifted/walked extra hard in celebration of LIVESTRONG Day. I will donate $10 to LIVESTRONG.

There were marathon sessions at the gym. Epic bike rides. Brick workouts. Good hard walks followed by another walk, just so you can “feel the burn”. P90X. All combined, I counted 8 workouts in celebration of LIVESTRONG Day = $80!

But Jeff… haven’t we had this discussion before?

Yesterday I told you all we met the goal: make me chip in $500.

I assured you once that 4 x $2,000 ≠ $10,000. Of course, I had my loophole to actually reach $10,000.

We know that $200 + $190 + $80 = $470. This does not add up to $500!

Before you call up EWU or LMU and implore them to revoke my degrees, I forgot to tell you one little bit of loophole information… because I always have loophole! I have a donation coming in the mail, not through Crowdrise. A $15 donation would force me to donate $30 in matching funds, pushing my part in this whole deal to my $500 target, straight out of my checking account.

This check is bigger than $15.

And I’ve already said too much…

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