354 days: drumroll, please…

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013. Oh, and I am training for Ironman Lake Tahoe. Just thought I would throw that in there…

Ragnar Northwest Passage registration is open. Three commitments, 9 more to go… If I get 3 more commitments I will register the team. It is $100/person for registration that I will cover, and I think I might have some sponsors for vans, so if you raise the 2.5x (or 4x) donation request it pretty much pays for itself! See the plan for more details.

Tri-ing for a Challenge is now on Facebook!

On Saturday I offered up my first challenge: let’s all celebrate LIVESTRONG Day. And by doing so you will not only be raising awareness for the fight against cancer, you will be helping to raise some $$ to help LIVESTRONG in this fight.

  • There were some epic workouts. These each earned $10!
  • Donations were made at my Crowdrise page, with $2-for-$1 matching to LIVESTRONG!
  • And the photos! There was yellow. Lots and lots of yellow. Oh, glorious YELLOW! These each earned $10!

So, how much did we raise? Yes, we raised $$. But most importantly we raised AWARENESS. The money is certainly important, but wearing the yellow and going the extra distance on your workouts sent a clear message:

Cancer, you’ve got a war on your hands. We may lose some battles now and then, but we WILL win this war.

I’ll have the official tally tomorrow, but let’s suffice it to say that the challenge was met. Yep, I’m coughing up the $500 I put on the table for this challenge. Gladly. You definitely earned it.

I have a ton of you to thank for going the extra mile: Lauren. Suzanne. Nicki. Aiden (with a little help from Elizabeth & James). Papa Jeff & Suzanne (with a little help from the birthday gnome). Y’all crushed it.

But let’s pace ourselves. Remember, this is an Ironman, not a sprint. Funny I should say that, though, since I actually do have a local sprint triathlon on Sunday morning…

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