355 days: LIVESTRONG Day!

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013. Oh, and I am training for Ironman Lake Tahoe – not just to finish it, but (and I’ve never written this before) with the hopes of qualifying for Kona. See, there, I just jinxed it…

Ragnar Northwest Passage registration opened up today. Three commitments, 9 more to go… If I get 3 more commitments I will register the team. It is $100/person for registration that I will cover, and I think I might have some sponsors for vans, so if you raise the 2.5x (or 4x) donation request it pretty much pays for itself! See the plan for more details.

Today is October 2. Or, as we know it: 10//2. LIVESTRONG Day.

Over the past several days you’ve been subject to my nonstop barrage of blog and Facebook posts about this very day, and how you can help raise $$ for LIVESTRONG and HerShe/ASPCA/SFA – but mostly for LIVESTRONG this time.

You know the drill:

  1. I’ll match all donations through my Crowdrise page, dollar for dollar. 2 for 1 for LIVESTRONG donations.
  2. Post a pic to Facebook (or e-mail it to me) wearing LIVESTRONG gear or a bracelet. Or lots of yellow. Or ANY yellow. Tag me or the “Tri-ing for a Challenge” page in the post and say that you’re wearing it to celebrate LIVESTRONG Day. I will donate $10 to LIVESTRONG.
  3. Go work out or train extra hard in honor of LIVESTRONG Day. Post about it on Facebook (or e-mail to me). Tag me (or the Tri-ing for a Challenge page) in the post and say that you biked/ran/swam/elliptical trained/lifted/walked extra hard in celebration of LIVESTRONG Day. I will donate $10 to LIVESTRONG.

So far, I have some LIVESTRONG gear/yellow pictures – a couple of them VERY creative. Some fantastic LIVESTRONG Day workouts are in the books. And some donations and donation pledges (even one from a yard gnome!) have poured in. We are moving toward the goal of making me contribute $500 out of my pocket… but we aren’t quite yet there…

To give a bit of inspiration, let’s see some of the more creative pics so far:

Papa Jeff’s birthday gnome got into the game, sporting a LIVESTRONG bracelet as only he can.

My friend Nicki, from our high school days in Woodland, WA, posted this photo with the caption: “Honey taking on a bigger YELLOW lab. Go Honey, LIVESTRONG”

You guys amaze me. You are a creative bunch. Active people with big hearts. And I am proud to call you my friends and family.

And you have just a matter of hours to make me part with $500. And if you do, I will be even more appreciative.

Facebook users: “Tri-ing for a Challenge” is also now on Facebook!

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