357 days: On a ride

Quick recap: I have a plan to raise $10,000 for some awesome organizations by Sept. 22, 2013. While I train for Ironman Lake Tahoe.

The Ragnar team is now 3/12 full. Jennifer from the Ragnar team last year is on board! Looking for 9 more to join in on the fun!

And yesterday I threw out the first challenge.

LIVESTRONG Day is just around the corner. 10//2. This Tuesday. Please go check out the post from yesterday, and start making me cough up some $$ for LIVESTRONG. And the other organizations. Remember, I am on the hook until Tuesday night for the following:

  1. I’ll match all donations through my Crowdrise page, dollar for dollar. 2 for 1 for LIVESTRONG donations.
  2. Post a pic to Facebook wearing LIVESTRONG gear or a bracelet. Or lots of yellow. Tag me in the post and say that you’re wearing it to celebrate LIVESTRONG Day. I will donate $10 to LIVESTRONG.
  3. Go work out or train extra hard in honor of LIVESTRONG Day. Post about it on Facebook. Tag me in the post and say that you biked/ran/swam/elliptical trained/lifted/walked extra hard in celebration of LIVESTRONG Day. I will donate $10 to LIVESTRONG.

Yesterday I posted a pic wearing my LIVESTRONG gear. Cha-ching! $10!

Theo and Lauren are planning on doing the same. Another $20 is in the works.

And I am now headed out for an epic bike ride. Yep. Another $10.

Join in on the fun! But hurry, it ends at midnight PDT on Oct. 2.

Alright, now do you see that big, steep hill over there? Yep, I am going to go ride over the top of it. 4 times.

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