358 days: Challenge #1

Quick note: you may have noticed the blog and Crowdrise page are now called ‘Tri-ing for a Challenge’. Turns out I thought the name ‘Tri-ing for a Cause’ was available for use… but it wasn’t. So I called a quick audible. We are now ‘Tri-ing for a Challenge’.

One week ago I introduced WHAT: raise $10,000 for charity by Sept. 22, 2013.

One day later I discussed WHY. “And this time I have a plan.”

This past week you’ve met the 4 organizations I want to support: HerShe, the ASPCA, LIVESTRONG, and the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

And, finally, yesterday I put my plan – no, OUR plan – out there. Heck, I even threw down a gauntlet! A freaking gauntlet!

Guess what? You guys are awesome!!! You responded in a big way. I know for certain that you have my back. Here’s the proof:

  • The first donation! No questions asked, before I even asked y’all to donate. I am seriously humbled. Traci, all the way out in Columbus, Ohio, you are seriously awesome!
  • I had a whole bunch of y’all offer up event ideas and volunteer to come to these events… and even to host them! I was spawned from meager means, but am blessed with riches in family and friends! And will be taking you up on these ideas and offers!
  • And the gauntlet that I threw! The Ragnar team is now 2/12 full – only 10 openings remaining – my super-duper friend Suzanne jumped in to the deep end of the pool with an unabashed “Cannonball!” (and already has her Crowdrise page set up!). She wasn’t afraid of the gauntlet one little bit. In fact, she picked up that gauntlet and flung it right out to a bunch of her friends. And that is, well, awesome!

Yesterday was by far and away the biggest day in the life of this blog and our effort. More page views than ever before. More Facebook shares than ever before. Yes, I know… it is a mere baby blog. A movement in its very infancy. ‘Tis but one fledgeling week old! The goal has been set high, but if I break it down on a weekly basis we are already behind schedule! But now we have a chance to catch up! How? The first challenge.

What did I just say?


I didn’t want to spring this on y’all so quickly. I wanted a few days, maybe a week, to digest and talk about the plan. But there is something coming up that we cannot miss out on. This next week contains LIVESTRONG Day. October 2. Or 10//2 as the LIVESTRONG folks like to write. So, before you do anything else please go to your calendar on the wall or on your desk and write that down. And write it down as an appointment in your scheduling system. 10//2. LIVESTRONG Day.

Why? Here is why: I have $500 of my own funds ready to kick this shindig off. Yesterday I told you I was seeding the contributions toward each cause. I did exactly that, and have $400 more that I would like to add to that. Now how do you get this out of me? What will make me move those funds into the contribution pool? Easy. It is LIVESTRONG Day, after all.

Starting this very moment I will do the following, but only if you do the following between now and midnight PDT on October 2:

  1. For every dollar donated to any one of my 4 organizations at my Crowdrise page, I will match you. Dollar for dollar. 2 dollars for every dollar donated to LIVESTRONG. This includes all donations made to date.
  2. If you send me a picture with you (and/or your loved ones) wearing LIVESTRONG garb, or wearing a whole buncha yellow, I will donate $10 for each person and/or pet. Post that pic to Facebook and tag me in it, and make sure to boast about LIVESTRONG Day. Or e-mail it directly to me at jeffreymx6@gmail.com, or text it to me, you get the idea… and, yes, the yellow bracelets count, but you need to prominently be displaying it! And the pictures must be from right now (no stock footage. As Garth from Wayne’s World would have said: “Live in the now!”)
  3. Just like Lance was rewarded with the yellow jersey at le Tour de France for his heroic feats of superhuman effort, I will reward similar such feats of physical prowess. Did you work out EXTRA hard between right now and October 2 in celebration of LIVESTRONG Day? Post it to Facebook (or e-mail me) telling me what you did, make sure to tag me in that post, and mention that it’s for LIVESTRONG Day… and you guessed it, that is worth $10. But it must be an EXTRA EFFORT. Go that extra mile. Or two. Or ten. Feel the burn.

Just in case y’all get carried away, the seed money I planted this week counts as my down payment toward this challenge. And, since I don’t have a money tree in my back yard, I am willing to go $500 deep into this challenge – make me contribute the whole $500. I double… no TRIPLE dog dare you! In other words: I am serious. LIVESTRONG Day is a very serious day to me.

Everyone is welcome to this challenge. If we aren’t friends on Facebook friend request me using this link. And then start posting pictures in your gear. And post about your extra difficult workout/ride/run/etc. Tag me. Say it’s for LIVESTRONG Day. And you just earned an organization some $$.

Honestly, I sincerely hope you do everything you can to make me spend that entire $500. Because that would put us ahead of schedule. And I like that idea. I like it a lot.

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